June 9, 2006

Witch calling the cauldron black

Scott Kirwin manages to generate some light and heat over Ann Coulter's latest faux pas, when she disrespected the so-called "Witches of East Brunswick."

First, let me address the bottom-feeders who think it's funny to disrespect Ms. Coulter for her appearance: you are vile, superficial slugs. Cracking on someone's appearance has nothing to do with their argument, and that's the way I've always fought my (rhetorical) battles. Except for Micheal Moore. So, I'm not perfect...

The people who talk about Ann's height, "skinny ass," or imply that she's "really a man" (or in drag) are just as crass, superficial, and cruel as the people who crack on Condi Rice's color, teeth, "big nose," or other features just because they don't like her politics.

Those creatures -whether left or right- who have nothing better to criticize are some of the worst kind of bottom-feeders around. Why? Because their very arguments demonstrate their complete intellectual and moral bankruptcy. If the best you can come up with is cracking on how someone looks, how they talk or who they fuck; you ain't got nothin' to say to me.

Remedial rhetoric, people: attack the idea,, not the person.

Which mistake Ms. Coulser has, in fact, committed herself in this case. She has gone way past attacking these ladies' ideas, to attacking their very souls.

There are few worse crimes than betraying the one you solemnly swore to "love, honor, and cherish," which is exactly the crime with which Ms. Coulter has charged them. She seems to think that the four widows of East Brunswick have cheerfully traded in their husbands, their soulmates, the father(s) of their children, for the cheap coin of paltry political advantage.

Shame, shame upon you, Ann Coulter! What right do you have to accuse those former wives (now widows) of crass calculation? Is is, perhaps, the only political coin you understand?

Lest the hasty accuse me of moonbattery, I state here that I consider the public, political statements of those four women the worst sort of foolish tripe. Their political positions are emblematic of a silly and banal opposition.

That said, neither I, nor anyone else in this country has the "moral authority" to condemn them as human beings, or (in some ways worse yet) as wives and mothers.

Think about it; is it a good thing, to accuse these women of ENJOYING the loss of their lifemates, just to they might gain their "15 minutes of fame?" How does this compare to those on the virulently-unthinking Left who claim the military families are ignorant, unthinking dupes of the ChimpyMcHitlerBusHalliburton regime?

How would you, the generic supporter of the "War on Terror" react if the moonbats gleefully accused one (or more) of the Gold Star mothers of enjoying their celebrity? No, really?

No, Ms. Coulter has not only crossed the line, in this case she has obliterated it. All of us, left or right, Republican or Democrat, have an obligation to console, care for, and respect those who have suffered loss for the greater good. We have, in fact, a greater obligation: to confront the ideas with which we disagree, and not the people.

There have been far too many instances where both sides have "jumped the shark" since 9/11. Don't believe me? Ask Cynthia "Bush knew" McKinney. Or perhaps you should talk to Fred "God hates Fags (as well as American soldiers)" Phelps. Or perhaps you should talk to Ann "All liberals are traitors" Coulter...

This episode has provided our citizens with the opportunity to say "Enough is enough! No more 'hippies are traitors,' no more 'Bush is the AntiChrist;' come, now, let us reason together. (Isaiah 1:18)"

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