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Ok, Ok, Firefox RULEZ! Happy now?

My good friend Dean Esmay has been pestering everyone to try Firefox. Now me, I prefer Mozilla, but that's like arguing about whether you prefer a 911 or a 920; they're both still Porches. :)

In any case, the Mozilla/Firefox people are trying to get the word out about their excellent new browser, so I took Dean's advice, and put a button up on the blog. YOu can see it quite clearly in the upper-left column.

No matter whether you like Firefox, or Mozilla, they're both head and shoulders above Internet Explorer. Faster, more features (like, skins or tabbed browsing), and -best of all- none of the huge security holes of Internet Explorer!!. Finally you can browse the web without worrying whether your browser will help a hostile hacker harass you!

Er, sorry about the alliteration. :)

Seriously. Go here. Check them out. You'll be glad you did.

P.S. Be patient. Looks like a lot of folks had the same idea I did... ;)


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Both are fine browsers, and many of the under-the-hood developments in Firefox are already in Mozilla or will be added to Mozilla in the near future.

And you're right, they're both head and shoulders above Internet Explorer. Let's hope they hit that millionth download!

Eh, I just added 6k to my front page by putting a Linux button there, complete with a picture of Tux. And on my overly-cluttered links page, I've already got links to the Opera and KMeleon browsers.

Meanwhile, on the HTML editor front, I'm currently in a tizzy over whether to stick with Arachnophilia, which I've used for the past three years, or whether to switch to Bluefish, which runs under Linux the way the older version of Arachnophilia used to run under Windows.

So much amazing software, so little time!

Casey Tompkins:

Well, Paul, they do have teeny-tiny li'l text-only buttons, like "support firefox." :)

There's a nice Dreamweaver-style HTML editor that Linspire features, but since I don't have a machine with that on it right now, I don't recall the name, but it was nice.

Of course, I've known a few folks who think that anything more than a text-editor is for weenies. Heh.

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