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The sharp knives are out!

Don Sensing has posted some excellent articles on the forged TANG memos, but his most recent to date has raised an interesting point I haven't seen before:

...the mainline media are now going to be very wary of dirt slung by the Kerry camp because CBS was so badly hoodwinked by the Kerry campaign. One thing I learned about the news media in my years of media relations management: when they turn on you, they use sharp knives. Kerry's camp has committed an unpardonable sin: it has made them look like fools.

Given that, his conclusion that "The Dems' campaign strategy is dead and buried" is spot-on. And where does that leave Kerry for the next seven weeks?


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This'll keep the controversy going for a couple of more days:

Former Guard aide: Bush memos fake, but content accurate

12:27 AM CDT on Wednesday, September 15, 2004

By PETE SLOVER / The Dallas Morning News

HOUSTON – The former secretary for the Texas Air National Guard officer who supposedly wrote memos critical of President Bush's Guard service said Tuesday that the documents are fake but that they reflect documents that once existed.

Marian Carr Knox, who worked from 1957 to 1979 at Ellington Air Force Base in Houston, said that she prided herself on meticulous typing and that the memos first disclosed by CBS News last week were not her work.

"These are not real," she told The Dallas Morning News after examining copies of the disputed memos for the first time. "They're not what I typed, and I would have typed them for him."

Mrs. Knox, 86, who spoke with precise recollection about dates, people and events, said, "I remember very vividly when Bush was there and all the yak-yak that was going on about it."

...but wait, you can safely ignore her after all!:

She added that she does not support Mr. Bush as president, deeming him "unfit for office" and "selected, not elected."
A leftist partisan hack. I knew it!

Will these Kerry campaign operatives stop at nothing?

In Blogistan, these people will be "first against the wall / with their opinion which is of no consequence at all."

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