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Um, ouch.

The articulate and quick-witted Ara Rubyan dropped by recently, and with tounge in cheek pointed out that Ms. Knox -former secretary to TexANG Lieutenant Colonel Jerry B. Killian- will be dismissed as a "leftist partisan hack," after she said that the statements in the forged memos were true, and asks

Will these Kerry campaign operatives stop at nothing?

Well, Ara, I hope they stop soon; they're making themselves look like fools. What y'all don't realize is that most normal human beings don't care about Kerry's Vietnam, or Bush's TexANG! I've heard it myself, over and over; even here in southwestern Ohio, in counties where I'm sure Bush will win comfortably a few weeks from now. They're tired of hearing about it.

And will you look at the latest exhibit? I have no doubt that Ms. Knox is a fine lady, and a decent human being -her opinion of the President notwithstanding ;) - but can anyone consider her statement as anything but hearsay, especially after thirty years? That she knew what her boss was thinking, even though said statement is directly contradicted by LT COL Killian's filed evaluations of Bush, as well as the testimony of Killian's wife and son?

I am sure that at this point the first reaction of the Kerry supports will be to retort "And the Swifties aren't relying on hearsay, eh?" No doubt in a sarcastic and skeptical tone. :)

Well, no, not really. The Swift Boat Veterans for Truth have made sworn affadavits as to what they saw and heard during their time with Kerry in Vietnam, which at the very least makes them liable for perjury charges; not to mention there's a great difference between one secretary testifying as to what she thinks her boss was thinking, and over 250 combat vets testifying as to what they experienced in combat.

Of course, part of the problem is that these testimonies contradict each other; Hell, Kerry contradicts himself more than once! But that's the problem. Don Sensing, the same fellow I quoted in my original post, wrote an article about the ...fragility... of memory in combat. A classmate of his spent time in Iraq during the Gulf War, and was surprised at the variety of recollections of a particular fight written down just a few days later; is it any wonder there's disagreement about something that happened 35 years ago?

I'm thinking -if I can get the energy up- of writing an article on how neither side has introduced much in the way of irrefutable fact during the "Great Vietnam Debate." As best I can tell, 99% boils down to he said/she said/they said. You picks your memories, and you takes your choice.

Point being here that the Kerry supporters are flailing away at a an equine that's not only dead, but bled, butchered, and sold by the pound at the local grocery store.

Dobbin-burgers, anyone?


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Going back to the Memogate thing for a moment...

There's something about this whole thing that seems not-right. I think the docs are forgeries in the sense that they are made up by someone other than the signatory (Killian). And it was probably Burkett who forged the docs.

But I also believe that most of the docs contain information that is indisputable and, frankly, not newsworthy.

Except one.

Let Steve Smith take it from there:

...[Lt. Bush's] refusal to obey a direct order is a new charge...

It is also a charge that [Pres. Bush] would have first-hand knowledge of its accuracy; he may not have known what "Staudt" or "Hodges" were doing on his behalf in August of '73, but he should definitely know whether he was given a direct written order from a superior officer that he didn't obey.

If the May, 1972 letter is a fraud, and the information contained within is false, he should have said so by now.

The fact that he hasn't, and that he has instead used surrogates over the last four days to try to explain away the substance of that charge, speaks volumes.

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