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Do these people really hate America?

Mary Madigan -on Dean's World- has been inspired by Neo-neocon to contemplate just why someone like Ramsey Clark would even think of legally defending Saddam Hussein. After all, Hussein is one of the worst sleazeballs down the pike since at least Idi Amin.

Does Clark hate his own country that much?

I think I have an answer.

It's very simple. Recall one of the basic elements of modern liberal mindset which has nothing to do with hating America, blue-collars, or anything else: the tendency to orient towards a morally binary ("all or nothing") point of view.

So, war is either inherently good or fundamentally evil. A law is either just and necessary, or corrupt and should be abolished. Any goal which is not perfectly just is -be definition- wrong.

Let us refer to an historical example, the Civil Rights movement. Anything which advanced the cause of black Americans was just, and proper. So any erosion of individual rights, states rights, or arrogation of power to the federal government was ignored. Their cause was just, hence any actions taken were just. Anyone who protested the steps taken were labled racists, no matter their reasons. This resulted in Barry Goldwater being lumped in with the Klan, since he was on the "same side" as the evil people.

You can see the same attitude today, which is frequently confused with "America hating," since both groups corrosively criticize the United States. The difference is that the haters are just that, while the "all or nothing" crowd use the following reasoning: The United States has committed an immoral/evil act (McCarthy, My Lai, Watergate, etc.), and is therefore evil.

First corollary is that America is just as evil as the USSR, Libya, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Nicaragua, Cuba; take your pick.

Second corollary is that the US must persue a perfectly moral path in order to speak or act with moral authority. Since that's impossible, they regularly condemn America, no matter what America does.

This explains Clark, as well. Since he sees the world in morally binary terms, Hussein must be innocent or guilty; no "maybes." And -since a true liberal refuses to prejudge anyone, especially a lawyer- there must be a doubt about his guilt. Hence he is owed a true defense.

See? No hating, no deep, ulterior motives. Just a very simple worldview. One that is highly moral, within its precepts. Alas, those precepts far too simplistic.

Just in case any conservatives are tempted to pull a holier than thou attitude, let's recall the decades-long popularity of the Frankensteinian "communists bad, anti-communists good" mentality; no matter how much of a repressive, murdering rat bastard that anti-communist was.


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Sorry, Casey... most of them just have moral blinders compounded by being morons in a philosophical sense.

Yer too nice.

Casey Tompkins:

Well... I was trying to see things from the other side, ya know? ;)

Actually, back then a lot of the attitude was "He's a repressive, murdering rat bastard, but he's our repressive, murdering rat bastard" which was a little more nuanced.

Casey Tompkins:

And they say conservatives are never nuanced.


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