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Whatta revoltin' development!

I've been irked, for a while, about how the blogroll javascript works, and how one is charged money if want to divide your blog links in special ways.

Now, today, I can't even get to blogrolling.com! Yurk.

Ok, back to manual! I can cut'n'paste with the best of them.

However, if someone notices I'm missing a link that used to be up, please let me know.


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Blogrolling.com does go down once in a while. The bigger your blogroll, though, the more useful it tends to be. With a monster like mine I couldn't handle coding it all by hand.

Что же?! Yeah, there used to be a link on your blogroll to my site. Which ain't a blog, but has somehow managed to get itself listed on several blogrolls anyhow.

Casey Tompkins:

Thanks for the update, Павел! Heh.

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