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Mil-hacker cyber Olympics

Wow. There's even a Super Bowl for hackers now.

Well, if you're a member of the one of the military academies, there is.

StrategyPage.com reports that "The fourth annual Cyber Defense Exercise (CDX) was held on April 19-23, 2004."

"CDX originated over beers and bragging down at Texas A&M between Army and Air Force personnel as to who had the better cadets and developed into a formalized event by 2001, due in large part to the efforts of West Point instructors and the NSA. Each participating military academy is tasked with putting and keeping on line a set of Internet services on a network, including e-mail, a database, and on-line chat room. NSA organizes the event and provides a Red Team to attack and crash services, as well as operating a secure VPN (Virtual Private Netwotk) to connect the academies for the exercise."

Apparently there's some folks at West Point who would like to expand the competition to include public universities for a "NCAA-like tournament."

Speaking as a true geek, that would be truly cool. Speaking as a citizen, I'm happy that our armed forces are stroking their cyber-talents, especially in view of the computer-militaristic views in China these days.


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