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Sometimes someone hits the nail right on the head.

Every once in a while, someone drives the nail right through the wood.

Bill Whittle is not only through the wood, he's out the other side and across the street. All I can say is read it.

Strength Part 1
Strength Part 2

I generally tend to be pretty verbose when I get worked up, but this work has left me speechless.

I repeat: read it.

A big thanks to Misha I for the original link!


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Iraq is our Alamo?

I'm speechless.

K. Read Part One. I agree.

But then I always thought our leaders have not really had their heart in the fight. Wobbly on the war -- that's George Bush. What else is new?

Not sure how they (our administration) tracks with the Alamo and the Civil War heroes. Do you? Help me out here.

Will read part two when I get time.

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