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Kerry reveals new strategy

Spin like Hell...

In the very latest fatuity from the sinking ship known as the Kerry campaign, Senator Waffles now says that the Iraq war was the "he wrong war in the wrong place at the wrong time." The Rueters story also quotes Kerry's earlier statement that

he would have voted to give Bush the authority to use force if necessary against Saddam Hussein even if he had known at the time that the Iraqi leader had no weapons of mass destruction

The man just can't make up his mind. By the way, if the above quote sounds familiar, it should; it was a popular way to describe the Vietnam War. I can see that Mr. Kerry is maintaining his repuation for "nuance."

Thanks to Greyhawk over at the Mudville Gazette for the link; I was going to comment on that quote but he beat me to it! While you're at it, why not drop by the Gazette, and drop something in the tip jar? The 'Hawk could use the help, and I'd hate to lose a fine commenter.


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