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Knight's Fork

Check out some of Jim Dunnigan's latest thoughts on the Islamofascist War.

I found this passage especially evocative:

Israel killed [Hamas leader]Khalil in response to a recent Hamas suicide bombing inside Israel. Offensive operations against Hamas in the Palestinian controlled West Bank and Gaza have stopped most terror attacks in Israel. And it has been found that the best way to really get a message to terrorist organization is to attack the senior leaders. Khalil was one of the most senior Hamas leaders living outside Israel. The attacks so angered Hamas that they quickly announced that they would now attack Israelis, and Jews, outside of Israel. This was quickly retracted, as such a move would make Hamas a major target for American anti-terrorist operations. The word has spread through terrorist organizations that the American led war on terror is indeed world wide, and can be particularly difficult to deal with if the anti-terror forces get on your case. Hamas has its hands full with the Israelis, and has no desire to take on American Special Forces and Delta Force, or British and Australian SAS. (emphasis added)

That was a brilliant Knight's Fork on the part of Israel; either Hamas sets itself up to get whacked by the Big Dogs, or they curl up their teeny l'il private parts and crawl on their bellies, back onto the porch.

They chose the porch. {snicker}

That really is too bad. I had this lovely storyboard, all planned out, just for the Big Whack:

[CAMERA ON] Hamas spokespigman: We will kill Joos everywhere! We will kill them in Israel, we will kill them, in their homes, we will kill them in Australia, Great Britain, and even in the United States!!

[CUT TO]{shot of huge shadow at spokespigman's feet, indicating large group of SF, SEALs, and SAS who are Not Amused, standing right behind him}

[CUE]spokespigman's spit-take realization that he's About To Die.

[DIALOG]{spokespigman}:ohshit. I'm gonna die.

[SFX]{add Wiley Coyote-style "dropping the hammer" here, then small, rising column of smoke}

Sigh... Hey, a guy can dream, can't he? Heh.


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Is that enough though?

Some believe that, in addition to killing the terrorist(s), the proper follow-up is to go back and kill the terrorist's entire family.


Casey Tompkins:

To be honest, I never thought about that before, Ara. And -after thinking about it a bit- I'm not sure I would associate myself with such a policy.

I have no qualms about the way that Israel has been going after Hamas leaders. They are, in effect, at war.

My question is this: suppose the IDF targets Hamas leaders' wives and children, just because they're associated with that man. How is this different from the terrorist strategy of attacking someone just because they are the wife, the son, or the daughter of an Israeli?

When you deliberately target women and children, how are you different from the monsters you oppose? Are you not, in fact, then becoming a monster?

It's a tricky subject. In this context, recall the Tokyo firebomings in 1945...

Or the Abu Ghraib fiasco.

Casey Tompkins:

Well the US was hardly shooting down women and children in the streets now, were they?

Not sure where you're going with that thought.

Are you not, in fact, then becoming a monster?

Casey Tompkins:

Ara, Ara, Ara... There you go again. ;) When will the Dhimmicrats find new, or even relevant, talking points? I have two words for you:

Seek professsional help, now! :)

As you could see during the VP debate, Johnny "Mr. Slick Trial Lawyer" looked foolish as he kept hammering away at a non-existant Halliburton scandal.

But -considering that Democrats don't seem prepared to admit that we even have allies, much less reliable ones who have shared the burden in blood- I doubt we'll see any changes the next few weeks.

Actually, the only thing I'm really curious about now is what excuse the Donks will use to explain away this fiasco, since they still can't let go of Florida. So what do you have lined up for November 3, Ara? My bet is "The Swift Boat Vets smeared Kerry!" will be the favorite.

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