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...marches on, for all of us. Sometimes I think, "Damn, it's been three days since you blogged, fool!" Heh.

Ok. Right now I have to say "Happy 23rd Birthday" to the absolutely stunning, and always stylish Ambra Nykol.

Being a true gentleman, I would never point out that she's nearly one-third through her expected life span already; the numbers are even more embarassing for yours truly. :)

But, really, y'all should drop on over there and tell her "Happy Birthday." While you're at it, enjoy her new look, since she's finally started using Real Blogging Softwaretm.

With young'ns like Ambra around, I'm perfectly confident that this country will be in good hands during my grey-haired years. Which, in my case, should be by the next week or two...

Tee hee.


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