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...which refers to the following link, as well as my disrepect in not linking to Lisa for forever and a day!

Anway. Lisa, who is a real pro with the sticky web-stuff, brings up a vulnerability which affects just about every engine except Internet Explorer. Go figgre.

And here I thought Open Software was invulnerable. Looks like someone dug up some Kryptonite...

Now. Before some MS-vocates start spewing bilge 'bout how "everyone's vulnerable"*, I'd like to point out that Firefox/Mozilla is still safer, and more stable, than IE. And that Firefox/Mozilla will likely retain that laurel for rather a while.

But (as the great captain says) "Don't get cocky, kid!" Firefox/Mozilla users should keep an ear peeled for odd chances such as this. Maybe they should add an exploits link to their homepage?

Food for thought...

*Suggested new MS ad: "Hey, the Other Guys suck too!tm!!"


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Uh, no one said open source is invulnerable. ;-)

The strength of open source is that problems like this get identified, go very public, and get fixed in very short order.

I predict we'll see a temporary fix for this within days, and permanent fix within months.

Casey Tompkins:

True, true. My point was more directed to those who seem to think that Open Sofware and/or Linux applications are de facto invulnerable.

Casey's Rule of computers: the only truly secure computer is one that it unplugged, and turned off.

The temp fix came out the same day, I think, and the permanent fix is already up there: http://www.mozilla.org/products/firefox/releases/

I think you can keep your computer plugged in and turned on, as long as it isn't connected to a network cable and/or phone line... I hope?


I use Firefox all the time. I love it because it blocks pop ups and such. But, I have noticed lately that it does not block the pop ups from Drudge. Somehow those get through. I have the blocker on, and I have not allowed any from any site. So what gives? Any idea? I find this anoying. - Chris.

As alternatives, like Firefox, gain market share, they will increasingly come under attack. It remains to be seen how common and widespread the consequnces will be. And whether all the "fixes" will be quick and easy.

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