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New info about Gunners Palace

If you don't know what Gunners Palace is yet, drop on by Mudville and read this. After you're done, read a review by Andrew Watkins, a D.C. resident and "military guy."

Everyone, and I mean everyone should see this movie. As everyone has been saying: it's not pro-war, nor is it anti-war. It's about the young men in the 2-3 Field Artillery.

You can get more information about the movie, and even sign up for the movie's newsletter, at www.gunnerpalace.com.

It is, alas, not showing in Ohio yet, but here's the latest list of theaters:

Berkeley, CA Shattuck 8 Cinemas

Campbell, CA Camera 7 Cinemas

Encino, CA Laemmle Town Center 5

Irvine, CA EDWD University Town Center 6

Long Beach, CA UA Long Beach Movies (Marketplace) 6

Los Angeles, CA Laemmle's Sunset 5

Monterey, CA TLX Osio Cinema

Palm Desert, CA Flagship Cinemas Palme d'Or

Palo Alto, CA Century Theatres Palo Alto Square 2

Pasadena, CA Laemmle Playhouse 7

Pleasant Hill, CA Century Theatres

Rolling Hills Estates, CA The Avenues Stadium

San Francisco, CA Landmark Embarcadero Center Cinema

San Diego, CA Hillcrest Cinemas

San Rafael, CA Rafael Film Center

Santa Monica, CA Laemmle's Monica 4

Denver, CO Mayan Theatre

New Haven, CT LTS York Square Cinema 3

Washington, DC Landmark E-Street Cinema

Atlanta, GA Midtown Art Cinema

Chicago, IL Century Centre Cinemas

Evanston, IL CENT Evanston 18

Cambridge, MA Landmark Kendall Square

Silver Spring, MD AFI Silver Theater

Montclair, NJ Clairidge Triplex

Red Bank, NJ Red Bank Art Cinema

New York, NY Angelika Film Center

New York, NY AMC Empire 25

Brooklyn, NY BAM Rose 4 Cinemas

Manhasset, NY Manhasset Theater

Pleasantville, NY Jacob Burns Film Center

White Plains, NY Cinema 100 Twin

Dallas, TX Angelika Film Center Dallas

Houston, TX Landmark Greenway 3

Plano, TX Angelika Film Center Plano

Arlington, VA Loews Shirlington 7

Seattle, WA Metro Cinemas &

Seattle, WA Meridian Cinemas


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or better check here, that's up to date...


Thank you, sir!


it played 1 weel only on an "off" theater in portland, oregon...I MISSED IT! how do i get to see it?

christopher j. collins:

i was in HHB 2/3 field artillery while deployed to Iraq. i am curious as to how i would go about ordering a copy of this film? or if it is even available on DVD?

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