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Movies on demand

Will Collier has an interesting post at Vodkapundit , wherein he speculates about just what Apple will be announcing during their October 12 "One More Thing" event.

His suggestion: "iFlicks," a downloadable movie service similar to iTunes, with (one supposes) similarly low prices. Will envisions a connection he calls "Airport-Express-on-steroids" with a video out connector, and a remote.

There's some consensus in the comment thread that -if this is what Apple is planning- it will involve a new 100Mbit/second Airport standard to handle the bandwidth.

All of this is very cool, and even if that's not the new service, folks should check out a recent innovation from Apple: Airport with Airtunes, called Airport Express.

What's so cool about Airport Express is that -if you're using Airport as your wireless router- you can painlessly transmit music to another room. Just connect a "stereo out" line from your sound system to the base station, and plug a second pair of speakers to a module in another room. Viola, music everywhere!

You can even get a remote. So (say) your sound system is in the living room, and your downstairs blogging (or hobbying, whatever) you can control the music from down there.

How cool is that?


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