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No good deed...

...goes unpunished.

That saying sounds funny, until you run into a real-world example.

Some dimwit JAG (judge advocate general, AKA armed forces lawyer) decided that open-tip rounds were the same as hollow-point rounds. The difference is that open-tips are designed for accuracy, while hollow-points are designed for greater damage after impact. The latter also violate the Geneva Conventions.

The dilweed in question, known only as "Maj. Card," decided the twain were one and the same thing, and banned the use of open-tip rounds by snipers.

One man, Sgt. Arthur J. Hushen (a sniper currently serving in Iraq) blew the whistle on this decision, and his citation of of a 1985 US Army memo helped to reverse the ban.

Alas, after this Sgt. Hushen was accused of violating security for identifying the 4th Infantry Division on the internet. He was later cleared after issuing his own statement, but has still been removed as team leader, and all sniper duties.

It's a good thing he didn't do anything, wrong, or anything, no?

Hat tip, and a big thanks to Blackfive for covering this...


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Coould it be that most officers are Conservative Republicans and thus not able to critically think out these issues? All kidding aside, how many officers got punished following the Abu-Gharib incident? Only one, while the enlisted men and women were hung out to dry. That stuff goes on more than you want to know about in the military, but when it comes to taking credit and getting awards, senior ranking officers are quick to get recognized. Sad that it's a reality.


Tim, I have to say that at least John of Arrgggh!! agrees with you. He's been pretty upfront about his dis-satisfaction with the penalties handed out regarding that pooch-screw.

Apparently the number of high brass who have been chastised over Abu Grahib has been very much not to his satisfaction. ;)

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