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Well, here I am

I've been telling myself "Self, you have to get up off of your butt and start writing again!"

Well, I finally listened to me, and here we are. ;) I even have something to blog about. Mozilla v1.71 has been really bugging me for a while; the first time after I turn on the computer and enter a URL, Mozilla just goes librarian-poo and eats up most of the CPU cycles while resolving the DNS. After that it's fine.

Then there's the multimedia files it won't play (but Firefox will quite nicely), the time it takes to save even a single image, the occasional random "Mozilla starts hitting 98% CPU usage" hijinks. Feh. Not to mention the fact that it Just Won't check email until I've sent something to someone else, or specifically told Mozilla to check by clicking on the "Mail and Newsgroups" button. I didn't get email for nearly a week at one point until I realized what was happening.

The Mozilla Foundation has (for me) created in Firefox 2.x an entirely acceptable browser. And, yes, I'm picky. Opera is nice, but they changed too many "default" keystroke commands such as Alt-D for the address bar.

Anyhoo, I used to resist Firefox, as I felt the look & feel was toy-like, and customization seemed limited. This is no longer true. About the only thing missing are the mail/newsgroup settings which have been moved over to the Thunderbird email client. It's true there's a small learning curve. For example, I had to figure out my passwords were no longer in Tools/Password manager as in Mozilla, but are now in Tools/Options/Security instead. But it seems all the important tweaks are there.

Migrating from Mozilla to Firefox and Thunderbird was quite painless as both include import tools. Shortcuts, history, and passwords for Firefox; and not only email/server settings for Thunderbird but the learning rules for the spam heuristics so I don't have to "train" my client all over again. Very nice.

One little detail: I have a question for the more experienced Firefox/Thunderbird users out there. I would like to have some sort of resident system-tray-like utility which regularly checks for mail just like Mozilla used to do. Or will I be forced to click on an icon every time I want to check for mail? My personal preference is for a local daemon to alert me when new mail is available.

UPDATE: for some idiot reason, MT isn't showing anything in the comment pop-up window when you click on "Comments." If you go to the permalink you can enter a comment there. Don't bloody ask me why, but if there's an MT 3.33 guru out there, I'd appreciate knowing. The bloody .cgi script is where it's supposed to be, it has the right bloody permissions now (had to fix that - don't know why as it used to work, but the frame pops up with a blank window. Feh.


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