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Tear that flag down, Mr. Principal!

Cody Alicea is a middle-school student in California who was recently told he wasn't allowed to bear the American flag on his bike. Apparently "some students had been complaining about the flag."

It turns out that there weren't just complaints, but some indications that certain other students would become violent; the school referred to possible "uprisings."

Let me make that clear: some middle school students threatened violence because a boy had an American flag on his bicycle. The multi-culti crowd inmates have taken over the asylum.

Let's be honest, here; the useful idiots in California have not only engendered multi-culturalism, but a sense of resentment, and of the "other." Instead of "we Americans," they focus on "we black people," "we gay people," or "we Latinos." That last one especially.

The last time we heard about this from California, it was because some latino kids complained about a few boys wearing the US flag during Cinco de Mayo. What struck me were the "their flag" and "their holidays" comments. Obviously these children don't consider themselves truly American. The multi-culti crowd has actually managed to severely damage, if not destroy, the melting-pot culture of America.

If I had been asked, I would have told Cody to bear his flag proudly, and then told the entire school that the first student who laid a hand on the boy would be expelled, no questions asked. But I'm a racist bigot, so nobody asked me. I'm the kinda guy who would tell those "us/them" kids to bugger off to Mexico if they didn't like it here. I'd say the same to those rat-bastiches in England, since they love Afghanistan so much.

It's not a question of celebrating a cultural heritage; Hell, probably more Americans celebrate Cinco de Mayo than do Mexicans. It's a question of separatism, of Us vs. Them. Take Saint Paddy's Day for example; do we hear English-Americans or Scottish-Americans complain about "those Irish?" No. Same thing for Oktoberfest; I come from southwest Ohio, where there's a huge German influence. We love us some beer. This region had some excellent regional breweries before the national brands killed 'em off. I suspect no one complains about the strong Scandinavian roots in Minnesota.

Hell, we treat Canadians like family, with a non-militarized boundary over five thousand miles long. Most people consider things like passports and immigration papers trivial details.

The real America is a very inclusive place; we're all immigrants. We just want you to leave the Us vs. Them attitude at the door, along with other hatreds, bigotries, and medieval social customs.

Is that so hard to ask?


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