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Hmm... What If?...

Ara Rubyan, buttocks still stinging from a recent spanking, has presented an interesting possibility for the Democrats this year.

What if Kerry picked John Glenn for his running mate?

As I said over there:

This may shock a couple of folks, but I voted for Glenn regularly. :)

Now, if it were Glenn/Kerry, instead of the other way around, now... Heh.

Actually, Glenn is probably the only Democrat who could beat Bush at the flight-suit game: Marine aviator, ace, war hero (no "missing" medals or war crimes here!!), and the first American in orbit to boot.

I have to say, if he were (say) 10-15 years younger, and the Dem Presidential candidate, I would be tempted. Really, I would.

So, what do you think, y'all? Could a Kerry/Glenn ticket do it? Even more so, would a Glenn/Kerry ticket make you stop, think, and maybe putl the "D" lever this fall?

The phone lines are open...


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No way.

make it say Glenn/Miller (Zel not Dennis).

Casey Tompkins:

For a minute I thought you were talking about the old "Big Band" leader. Heh.

That's an interesting suggestion, though.


It would be a strict image thing though, because as I understand it, Glenn has lost a lot of his shine among the space and techie groups.

Casey Tompkins:

True. Sad, but true. :(

Uhmm... no.

Lieberman/Miller maybe, probably even.
But no ticket with Kerry on it would ever get my vote.

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