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Iron Blogger SUPREME

The Queen Of All Evil reigns supreme. She smacked down the puling upstart Ara Rubyan like a red-headed stepchild at K-Mart.

All Hail her (formerly) Red-Headed Highness.


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You know what? I'm a little miffed about the closeness of the vote. I thought I whooped him good!

Damn that Russian judge!

Oh, what do you think of my current hair? Is it good or do I need more blonde?

Casey Tompkins:

Rose, don't forget that three out of four judges scored you the winner!

As for the hair thing, it's hard to tell since the March 25 shot only shows your bangs. Me, I like it, but I have a genetic weakness for redheads. :)

The May 13 look is pretty nice, too. It reminds me of Samantha Mathis in The Punisher.

Hmm. Maybe if you went more copper, instead of brassy red?

But like I said, I'm prejudiced. I'll probably just sit there and drool at all the photos muttering "yeah, yeah! Redheads rock, Heheheh-heheheh-heheheh, heheheh-heheheh-heheheh..."

Redheads rule, too. As I'm sure you know by now. :)


Copper, hmm that might work. I wonder how it will look in summer. I get pretty tan from being outside a lot. In the May 13th picture I looked pretty bad though. I've been sick and not sleeping and it showed, Dean said I looked like shit.

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